Kansas City Star Quilt Patterns! Quilty Goodness!

I lucked out BIG time! I was at a yard sale and got an ENTIRE BOX of old newspaper quilt patterns (appx. 200). For $5!!!!!! She called it her grandma's "craft trash." Oh my gosh! And, sadly, "no", she did not have any more craft trash left. She had THROWN AWAY everything else! Ugh! What a waste!
I have not sorted them all, but they seem to be from the Kansas City Star, the Farmer's Home Companion, some are mail order ones (still in their envelopes with period stamps), and some I do not know. Some are dated, but a lot are not. All OLD, all intact (with printed template pieces). Pieced, appliqued, wonderful! I am a "traditional" quilter, with a serious jones for 1930's fabrics (HUGE feedsack collector here!) and styles. I am gonna sort these, put them in acid-free sleeves in notebooks, and then plan my next projects (I am conveniently forgetting the hundreds of UFOs littering "Quilt Hell" that are not done yet -- and may NEVER get done in my lifetime).

I hand appliqued original sunbonnet baby blocks for my WeeDD (we had a BATTLE keeping panties on her when she was teeny, so these blocks have the baby with a little bare bottom peeking out on some of them), and I want to alternate them in a quilt top with traditional pieced blocks but could not figure out what pattern to use for the other blocks. I have a hunch I will find one in this quilt pattern stash! I will try and scan in one of the sunbonnet baby blocks over the weekend so you can see them and maybe help me with my setting dilemma.
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