Hello from Quilt Hell!

At least, that is my family's nickname for my basement quilting space. Too much stuff, too little time spent putting it away. Actually, when it really bothers me (or when I have misplaced a crucial tool), I *do* clean it up. The rest of the time, creativity reigns (and that is pretty messy).

I am hoping to use this blog home to share photos of finished quilts, ideas for new ones, original patterns, and general quilty goodness.

The pictured quilt is a little table topper made from a wild-colored homespun fat quarter pack. No real pattern, just a little machine applique with a simple flower shape and some color-controlled nine-patch blocks. Now if I could just find the time to get it quilted ....

I have been sewing FOREVER and quilting for nearly as long. I will admit to a wonky seam here and there from time to time ("that will quilt out, don't worry!"), and I sincerely hope the quilt police never put me in their radar. I don't make "show" quilts, but rather ones that are well-used, dragged through the dirt, and worn through. Mine are made to be LOVED, which is great, because I LOVE making them!

I have LOTS of inspirations -- from quilters I admire, quilts I see in shows, quilting books and magazines, photographs, nature, my own drawings -- even food! I have way more ideas in my brain than will ever make it onto my quilting frame. So, I never lack for inspriation -- just time!

Check back in with me -- I have BIG ideas for this quilty space!

Quilty Hugs,