My Favorite Birthday Gift ...

My favorite birthday gift (not counting WeeDD, of course, who was born 2 weeks before my 38th birthday), was an incredible "quilty" birthday gift put together by my fabulously talented ElderDD (and she quilts, too!) a couple of years ago.  Thought I would share the idea, as the holidays loom large ... and our quilty sisters are always deserving of a fun gift ...

I received a gift basket with all kinds of goodies and fabric (with handmade labels and cards) ... It had fat quarters of fabric arranged for a birthday "meal" ... red/tan/gold fat quarters bundled together was "lasagna", lovely greens were "salad", etc.  She called it my "Birthday Picnic" ... (you can click on the picture to enlarge it and see the label details ...)

Then, she gave me this gorgeous bouquet, with the prettiest hand-crafted fat quarter "flowers" in it, made from exquisite Hoffman orientals ... (again, you can click the picture to enlarge it).  I must admit, I have not "unwired" the flowers yet to use the fabric!

ElderDD is an endless fountain of creativity.  She is a video game artist (currently working in Houston, TX).  Some of her FABULOUS art is here ... ElderDD's Art (I am SOOOO proud of her!)

And, again, thanks for the wonderful gifts~!

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